Monday, December 27, 2010

Songs I'm Crazy About - 12/27/10

So ever so often I will go crazy over a few songs, or at least have one or two stuck in my head :)

This weeks is a couple of songs.

Life is Beautiful by Vega 4 that I heard off of Disney's African Cats movie ad at the movies :) I've also heard it was used for My Sister's Keeper. Great movie btw, a real tear-jerker :'/ but I'm one of those people that generally likes those movies haha :)

I think it's a very good reminder, and a bit of a wake-up call to me (that will hopefully last). My favorite part is the chorus:
"Life is beautiful--
But it's complicated, 
We barely make it
We don't need to understand
There are miracles...Miracles"
Summer's Gone by Aberfeldy got stuck in my head. I don't find it amazing, but it's kind of cute and it's a fun tune :) I heard this one off of this commercial. Honestly,  I love the commercial so much hahaha. My favorite is the zebra and the lion.
Yay, uke cover of the song! :D It's not me, but she's got a sweet voice, so :)

And now that you're here, is this not one of the most adorable cats you've ever seen?

My fav line? "Are you being cheeky?? Are you being a little bit cheeky?" Sweet little siamese :3

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