Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I go by Katie: Warm Winter Giveaway

I go by Katie: Warm Winter Giveaway: "My sweet sponsor Amanda of The Prairie Sparrow would like to offer one of my lucky readers the chance to win one of her warm & cozy cowl..."

Just a reminder, it ends tomorrow~!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Procrastinating... and Lovely Scarves

So all of today so far... and yesterday... and the day before... I have been procrastinating! Oh dear! (I should be working on AP US Govt.) I find that there's an endless array of creative blogs and Etsy shops that I have never seen, and there are more and more each day!

One in particular blog there is a giveaway~! It closes 12/30/10, so you hurry up if you'd like one!

It's a giveaway for one of these beautiful scarves from The Praire Sparrow in your choice of color :)

SALE - The Cowl with a Twist PINE

SALE - The Cowl with a Twist PINE
Which color is your favorite? I would have to say I am between Pine, Lemongrass, and Pumpkin. They're all so beautiful! Though if the world was perfect according to me... oh I'd have them one in each color!

Thanks to the lovely ladies at The Praire Sparrow and I go by Katie!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Songs I'm Crazy About - 12/27/10

So ever so often I will go crazy over a few songs, or at least have one or two stuck in my head :)

This weeks is a couple of songs.

Life is Beautiful by Vega 4 that I heard off of Disney's African Cats movie ad at the movies :) I've also heard it was used for My Sister's Keeper. Great movie btw, a real tear-jerker :'/ but I'm one of those people that generally likes those movies haha :)

I think it's a very good reminder, and a bit of a wake-up call to me (that will hopefully last). My favorite part is the chorus:
"Life is beautiful--
But it's complicated, 
We barely make it
We don't need to understand
There are miracles...Miracles"
Summer's Gone by Aberfeldy got stuck in my head. I don't find it amazing, but it's kind of cute and it's a fun tune :) I heard this one off of this commercial. Honestly,  I love the commercial so much hahaha. My favorite is the zebra and the lion.
Yay, uke cover of the song! :D It's not me, but she's got a sweet voice, so :)

And now that you're here, is this not one of the most adorable cats you've ever seen?

My fav line? "Are you being cheeky?? Are you being a little bit cheeky?" Sweet little siamese :3


Do you ever feel like a chair?

No of course not haha ;)

Unfortunately I have that feeling right now as Lilly and Toby are sitting on top of my legs

Our AC broke downstairs (might I add, it's RLY cold down there-- we're near the east coast, which just had a snowstorm) so the very friendly AC man is over

The weenies will NOT shut it >.< uyy

So in a protective manner, they decided to sit on me...

Which I'm starting to doubt cuz they just rotated and laid down... if it was once protective, it isn't anymore!

Me in my sheep Bath & Body Works Robe,
(very soft n_n)
Lilly on the left...

 And Toby on the right...

Whatever shall I do with you?
But what would I do without you?