Monday, December 27, 2010


Do you ever feel like a chair?

No of course not haha ;)

Unfortunately I have that feeling right now as Lilly and Toby are sitting on top of my legs

Our AC broke downstairs (might I add, it's RLY cold down there-- we're near the east coast, which just had a snowstorm) so the very friendly AC man is over

The weenies will NOT shut it >.< uyy

So in a protective manner, they decided to sit on me...

Which I'm starting to doubt cuz they just rotated and laid down... if it was once protective, it isn't anymore!

Me in my sheep Bath & Body Works Robe,
(very soft n_n)
Lilly on the left...

 And Toby on the right...

Whatever shall I do with you?
But what would I do without you?

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