Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Just a quick update :) So all of today, its been storming. I didn't have my iPod touch as usual, so I didn't have the knowledge of potential storms. During Spanish, we went into a tornado drill due to a tornado warning and once I returned from school, it's been the same way ever since. Ugh.

There was one hail storm i got a good video of and i've been sitting in my closet almost the whole time. I also need to work like crazy on my homework so I'll leave you with this  :) !

Also, one more note, I pray for those in Alabama, its been so sad today :( Tuscaloosa has been the worst from what i've heard. Many dead. I'm so sorry all in or related to those in AL. So sad </3

And I continue to worry about those in Japan. They are still suffering much.

I feel that the world is starting to crumble apart... slowly...

God bless you all <3

Sorry to leave such a sad post >.<