Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time for a new post! :)

Ok so I realize I haven't blogged since 2010... and it's already March! D:
Not way too much stuff has been new with me... the biggest thing would be my new haircut (I decided to get the bangs I've had all my childhood back-- with a more modern twist I assure you ;]).

I'm doing better in AP US GOVT! and my dog is currently laying on my behind again... not really sure why he enjoys it there, but I've never really understood wiener dogs hehehe :3

I *still* haven't gotten to bake anything!!! It's going to kill me! But summer will be here soon so my blogs will be fed with updates and posts ;)

Hmm there was something else... Oh yes! Next Friday (March 11th), I'm getting my wisdom teeth cut out! >.<

I'm also hoping to get my permit... My friend's birthday is on the 25th (she's 6mo. younger than me) so I've convinced myself I HAVE to get it before her! I'd say next.... Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday at most. Any time after that will be too late for me to get it beforehand because of my wisdom teeth and such.

So motivation!!! :D

I've also posted another YouTube video, so if you have time, check it out :) It's pretty embarrassing though :\ but my doggies are in there so yaaaay! :D

And WinterJam is Friday for me and my buddy, so YAY DAVID CROWDER BAND!!! :DDDDDDD

Love you all <3

Have a great week!

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  1. Hi Tanya! So glad we got to know each other a little better! Thank you for participating! Oh and Chasing Cars is one of Kevin's fave songs! Thank you for reading!!