Monday, November 22, 2010

Ukulele Music

You know there's something about the ukulele that calms me. It's just such a pretty sound! And I love the fact that I'm actually making the music myself :) That tops off the cake for me! So in getting my ukulele, I found out that the internet is my best friend... and YouTube of course! With an endless slew of sheet music, chords, tabs and tutorials, I find it simple to find music of my liking. Unfortunately, one of my favorite songs by Needtobreathe, called I Won't Look Back , lacked a tutorial :(

So I decided to change that.

I tinkered with my uke and my chords (the sheet music pictured below), and have successfully found some chords to match up with the song :)
I'm not yet done, but I'll post it when I have found them all and completed the song! I am so very excited! :DD

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